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Qingzhou City,Shandong Province,zhongnuo temperature control equipment Co. Ltd., located in Shan-dong Economic Development Zone,is a professional manufactuer of environmental control equipment.Since the estab-lishment,and gradually formed fromed a from product developmen t, design, manufacture, installation and support to customer service one-stop service industry supporting and after-sales service one-stop industrial systnm and consistently adhere to the"quality-oriented,good faith is gold"of the serviceconept,and as theentherprise survival. is the consistent fr om beginning to end this. Honesty is gold" service concept, and as the survival of the enterprise. 
The company's main products are: animal husbandry fan, suction fan, greenhouse fan,air cooler, wet curtain paper, wet curtain wall,pouitry hou se ventilation window, automatic coal-fired hotblast stove and accessory products, All prod-ucts are adopted international quality profiles,strict produ ction in accordance with the quality standard issued by the ProvincialBureau of quality and technical supervision of the mature technology, stable qu ality,selling more than 20 provinces,municipali-ties and autonomous regions of Shandong, Shanxi, Guangdong, Xinjiang,Northeast China, Hunan,Hubei, Hebei, Zheji-ang and other.products are widely used in the field of animal husbandry, flower,planting,greenhouse engineering,work-shop and othe ar eas of ventilation cooling,energy saving,theeffect is obvious.with excellent quality and good reputa-tion, won the praise of experts and the trust of cu stomers customers trust.
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